Google ranking: how to check Google rank for a keyword

how to check Google rank for a keyword

When it comes to website seo – ranking is most important part of it.

Because everyone wants to know which position we are standing in Google for keywords which we are trying to target.

So how to find keywords position in Google?

Below are some steps and online tool which can help your to achieve your ranking task.

1. Manually check

Open Google chrome and select new incognito windows ( Private browsing )
Shortcut: press Ctrl + Shift + N in windows, Linux
and ⌘ – Shift – N for Mac to open an incognito window.

Google ranking in incognito mode chrome

Now open and search keyword on it

instagram online dinsta

2. Ad Preview and Diagnosis Tool

Ad Preview and Diagnosis tool for seo ranking

This tool is specially design for adwords ads diagnosis but you can also check country specific ranking with tool

simply enter keyword in box than select search engine eg. set location and click on preview for website ranking.

3. Seorch: Google Rank Checker

Google Rank Checker - seorch

SEORCH is also cool tool for checking country specific ranking

Just plug your target keyword/website and select Country and click CHECK button that’s it.

It’s shows result like below:

Google Rank Checker - seorch

4. SERP Checker

SERP Checker

SERP Checker another handy tool for checking ranking for Google/ Yahoo. with this tool you can also determine mobile SEO ranking.

pnr status results in

Hope this will help you to accurate ranking tracking