CodePen Collections #17

moving blocks no JS

This is our weekly CodePen Collections post where we share few cool new code pen demos with you.

Check out these amazing CodePen demos and be inspired.Cheers!

Material cards

See the Pen Responsive material card by David Foliti (@marlenesco) on CodePen.

Mail Element Concept

See the Pen Mail Element Concept by Andreas Neeven (@aneeven) on CodePen.

moving blocks (no JS)

See the Pen moving blocks (no JS) by Ana Tudor (@thebabydino) on CodePen.

AE2015 Website animation

See the Pen AE2015 Website animation: Teamwork by Adrian Egger (@adrianegger) on CodePen.

Neon Grid Loaders

See the Pen Neon Grid Loaders by Mai El-Awini (@maicodes) on CodePen.