Bluehost Review 2017 – An in-depth review of Bluehost hosting

Bluehost Review

In this day and age of internet and social media, most of the businesses are realizing the importance of getting online and bringing their operations to a whole new audience. This served as an opportunity for several web hosting companies which deal with shared hosting. Out of the countless companies, one which stands out in offering best-in-class hosting for a WordPress blog is Bluehost. As per the latest statistics, Bluehost hosts over 2 million websites, and is famous among small businesses as the hosting service helps them save a buck while not compromising on any hosting features. This following article is a detailed review of the Bluehost shared hosting, its features, benefits, and limitations.

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Bluehost Shared Hosting

Bluehost as a hosting software offers four different hosting packages, WordPress managed hosting, shared hosting, dedicated hosting, and VPS hosting. If your business has just started their new blog, it is recommended you go for the shared hosting package as it is designed specifically to cater to blogs. However, if already have an existing WordPress blog, you can go for their managed WordPress hosting. VPS and dedicated hosting are recommended for those web pages that get a lot of traffic on specific occasions.

There are certain parameters that every organization looks for in a new software or technology they use. On a similar note, this review will also revolve around parameters which have an effect on the organization’s productivity, like the resources available, the software’s ease of use, customer services or customer care, and pricing strategies.

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Bluehost WordPress Hosting

Most businesses who started on Blogspot shift to WordPress once they plan on expanding their scope and widen their approach. Bluehost is an ideal software to use for the initial process as it takes only a few minutes for the installation to happen. The simple interface assists in making the transition faster. The Bluehost servers are efficient for handling a WordPress blog as they run the latest version of PHP and MYSQL, and are configured to run with barely any downtime. This makes it a reliable hosting software for your WordPress.

Bluehost WordPress Hosting

Resources at offer

They are innumerable hosting resources available on Bluehost. It is capable of hosting unlimited files with a limitless bandwidth usage. Even with a Fair Usage Policy (FUP) limit in place, you will not find it interrupting you at any time. There is a CPU limit which is comparatively higher than other hosting services. However, Bluehost has the feature where you can shift to a more powerful server whenever you need it.

Easy to use

Bluehost employs cPanel, one of the simplest and user-friendly interfaces. It is used by most hosting companies as it allows secure access through SSH. It is also easy to manage your hosting account online through cPanel.

Customer care

When compared to the other competitor hosting services, Bluehost’s customer care isn’t that strong. You can talk to the customer care officials through live chat, mail or by calling them. Often, it was found that the time taken for resolving any issues was around 5-30 minutes, which isn’t spectacular and is in line with what the competitor hosting companies offer.
Nevertheless, if you’re hosting on WordPress, you will find that there are very few issues with the optimized Bluehost servers. In addition to the optimized servers, the sheer experience Bluehost has is indicative that it is a good web-hosting company.

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Package Pricing

The WordPress hosting service offered by Bluehost offers three different packages, which cater to a specific audience. A standard package, a business package, and a professional package are offered by Bluehost WordPress hosting. If your business wants a single domain, you can consider the standard package. With a business package, you get 3 domains and with the professional package, you get access to unlimited domains, both of which are useful if you wanted multiple websites. All packages offer unlimited disk space, limitless data transfer, and also high-performance servers.

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The Five benefits of using Bluehost hosting

With the knowledge of the salient features of Bluehost WordPress, other benefits of Bluehost hosting are necessary to make a decision on whether or not to choose Bluehost.

1. Uptime

It was found that Bluehost came with a very strong average uptime of 99.94% recorded over 12 months. To be more precise, Bluehost experienced only 5 hours of downtime out of cumulative hour count of 8760 in a year! When arranged chronologically, it was found that there was a slight peak in downtime only in February when Bluehost’s servers were under a certain attack as claimed by their officials. However, if that specific month was to be overlooked, the industry uptime would be very close to a perfect 100.

Test results for Bluehost’s uptime:

Downtime in June was 12 minutes, July, August, September all recorded no downtime. October had 9 minutes of downtime, November had 4 minutes, December, only second to February had a downtime period of 1 hour. January had 6 minutes, whereas February had the highest of 2 hours of downtime. In March, 44 minutes of downtime was experienced, and in April it was 23 minutes, as it went down to 12 minutes in May.

2. Smart pricing

One of the advantages of Bluehost hosting over other hosting companies is that it entered the market as the most inexpensive option which made it instantly popular. It isn’t cheaper than others over a contract but is still one of the least expensive options out there. Apart from this, discounted rates and incentives like Bluehost coupon code are offered by the company to attract more customers to them.

3. Security with Bluehost

You can be assured that your page is safe and secure with Bluehost. With good security options on offer with tools that have the ability to resist most website’s cracks. A plethora of tools like Spam Hammer, SpamAssassin, and Spam Experts, will keep you away from spammers who can jam servers. Another tool in the same line is the CloudFlare tool which can avoid any DDoS attack which can overwhelm a page by rushing in a lot of web traffic from various discrete sources. You can also protect the content on your web page with hot link protection where public cannot steal content from you page. You can also consider blocking individuals on your page through IP address blacklisting. There is also secure access provided through SSH which is unique to Bluehost.

4. Ability to Integrate

There are also several applications which you can integrate into your page and utilize the various services. Most of the applications which are available on the dashboard are Google apps.

5. Recommended by WordPress

The official website for WordPress recommends Bluehost as a hosting company. On their recently renovated page on hosting at, they’ve listed three hosting providers which can provide you the best there is to offer when it comes web hosting, particularly WordPress Hosting.

Limitations of using Bluehost hosting

Even with the several advantages of Bluehost that your business could benefit from, there are certain limitations which might limit you in certain aspects. Few of the limitations stand out and are bound to be criticized over time.

1. Slow Page Loading

One of the biggest limitations of Bluehost hosting for your web page would be the slow page loading times. It was found that the loading time was around 1,067ms which was below the average page loading time of 850ms of other hosting services offered.

Even though the figure may not seem very threatening, for a business, especially one which is based online, every second matters. For loading of pages, even half a second has a large impact on the overall traffic to your web page. As it is with common people mentality, they would prefer web pages which load faster when compared to others which take more than 5-6 seconds for loading. Slow loading hinders user experience and will restrict your web page’s overall traffic too, ultimately leading to diminished revenue.

Bluehost is one hosting service which is on the edge of a slow web hosting service. If they don’t strive to improve their loading speeds, they would slip into the slow category.

2. Slow Customer Support

Bluehost’s customer care service isn’t anywhere near perfect. The support is very slow to respond and if you’re in an emergency situation, you might find that waiting for 43 minutes to get through to the officials of their support team isn’t good enough. If a hosting service like Bluehost deals with over 2 million websites for many clients, it is understandable that their customer support might get sluggish occasionally. However, it was found that the average waiting time on the customer care hotline was around 20-30 minutes. Bluehost does compensate their poor customer care with their YouTube channel where they have uploaded several tutorial videos which are actually helpful and might help in finding the solution for small problems.

3. Smart Pricing

Bluehost, as discussed previously, is one the least expensive hosting services. However, one must consider how inexpensive it is. Their smart pricing strategies to lower the cost of introductory services has few loopholes. The introductory rates are valid for a dedication for 3 complete years. If you want to start it for less, like for a year, you’ll have to pay extra which is charged on a per month basis. It is important to review the pricing and the features offered to suit the requirements of the business. However, with incentives like Bluehost coupon code which reduces the overall investment for the hosting service, the pricing isn’t a significant problem.

4. Site Migration

Site migration is a process where your business can move from an existing site from its current location to a hosting service’s location. It is offered by most hosting services including Bluehost as it is a process which benefits both the business as well as the hosting services. This is the reason why most of the hosting services offer it for free. However, Bluehost has a migration fee of $149.99 in place contrary to most of their competitors who offer it complimentary with their services. Moreover, Bluehost has a cap on the number of sites that can be migrated, the limit being 5 with 20 email accounts.

5. Expensive Training

Even with all the smart pricing strategies in place, Bluehost does not restrict itself in other services offered like the training services offered for a walkthrough of how to use the service is priced at $79.99. Considering that other competitor hosting services providers offer the training complimentary with their services, it might be a topic of concern for businesses.

6. Not an unlimited service

Unlimited hosting is a feature that most of the web hosting services offer, including Bluehost. However, there are certain limitations in place which might go unnoticed and restrict your business’s productivity. It is mentioned in their Terms and Conditions Document that exceeding 3GB of database usage or a numeric equivalent of 1,000 databases would lead to termination of your hosting account. This is one limitation that might hurt commercial businesses.


An in-depth review of Bluehost has revealed its benefits as well as a few of its limitations. It is recommended for casual WordPress blog or a personal site hosting with low traffic. You will find that Bluehost will never disappoint you and that the investment didn’t go in vain. For novices in the field of web hosting services, the probability that only a select few of the features offered by Bluehost will be used to their optimum is high. In such a scenario, Bluehost is recommended as it is inexpensive and very user-friendly. You can analyze most of the features that are offered by Bluehost and if you aren’t satisfied, you will not have to compromises as there is a 30-day money back guarantee on offer. You will get a full refund if you apply within the first month of usage.
However, if you’re a commercial business site, you might want to consider other hosting services and make the decision based on your specific requirements.

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